Ankara University Special Education Department was established in 1965 under the Faculty of Educational Sciences.Founding members of the special education department were Assoc. Dr. Mitat Enç, Professor Dr. Yahya Özsoy and Professor Dr. Doğan Çağlar.

Establishment purpose; The Special Education Department, which is determined to train the specialized personnel needed by the special education field, has trained many leading academicians and experts in the field. However, with a new regulation made in 1981 after 11 years, it has turned into a department of Psychological Services in Education.

In 1995, with the decision of the Council of Higher Education dated 03.08.1995, it has continued to serve as a department with three departments (Education of Mentally Handicapped, Education of Hearing Impaired, Education of Incompatible Children).After the decision of the Higher Education Executive Board dated 04.11.1997 and numbered 97.39.2761, the number of departments of the department was reduced to one of the Department of Education of the Mentally Handicapped.

Since its establishment, the Department of Special Education has continued to contribute to the field by educating teachers and academicians in the field with its programs at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level.